About My Story

Mary Crane Nutter was born and raised in rural Southern Idaho. Her family homestead and farm is in the valley of the Albion Mountains along the great Snake River known as the Magic Valley.

What began a series of many adventures started by moving to Seattle,WA in 2004 and attending the Seattle Art Institute were she studied Interior Design and Art. It was here where she began to find her artistic voice, her love for painting, and where she met her husband Marcus.

Mary’s source of inspiration stems from the many places she’s lived, places she’s traveled too, and family traditions. Her life rolodex is full of colors from nature, feelings evoked from music, inspiring traditions, achievements and failures, joy and sadness. All of these create the framework that continues to motivate her to express her view with a paint brush.

“I’m still learning the craft, the continuous exploring is what is so thrilling. I continue to apply what I had been taught, but at this point I found my own way, my own voice, and my own language. When I’m painting, my mind quiets and I’m able to act on instinct…..a deep sense of what feels right. It is meditative and allows me to express what can’t really be put into words.”

New to Walla Walla, WA, Mary balances being a wife and a mother to her daughter Aspen Jules and being a full time artist. She is following in her Mother and Grandmother’s footsteps embracing the beauty of gardening, preserving the harvest, and enjoying the quiet country life.

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Walla Walla, Washington

1333 Bussell Road

“Art will always be a very big part of my life, as art is a very big part of me.“